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Simple Life Tracker - 5 Stars- Thanks!

Just what I was looking for! Simple Life Tracker fits my current needs for tracking a new personalized program for 2012. I have an "old" 32G iPod Touch from 2008 and it's hard to find calendar tracking apps that work with my old 3.1.13 iOS. Thanks for keeping an "oldy but goody" program" available!

simple life tracker

It's a really good program and it does what it says. I bought it because my wife and I were always asking-When was the last time we did /I did/ you did this or that. This keeps track of those items and you would be surprised how often you WILL use it . However---it does NOT update any new info to an I-pad, (it takes all of the initial info) and there support line doesn't work so I can't ask them why it doesn't.

Very good

Used just like categoried Diary. Convenient and handy tool

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