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Simple Life Tracker

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Vývojář: Yali Software
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This application tracks things that you are interested that happened in your life. Why do you need to do it? Because most of time we do similar things in the same place over and over and tends to forget when special things happened. For example:
1. You might think: "Wow, My hair is too long, I need to get a haircut. Ghosh, when did I do it last time? Maybe a month or 2 ago. But I cant remember exact date.
2. Lawn in my backyard seems yellow. I think it needs fertilizer now. When did I fertilizing it last time? ah.........cant remember. So I cant figure out how long since last time it has become like this and needs fertilizer.
3. My carpet seems dirty and needs a steam cleaning. But when did we do it last time? (So I can figure out how long each cleaning may last).
This is where the iPhone app Simple Life Tracker comes into play. It can track anything you want to track, including each vacations and routines. It simply records your history with just a few tabs on the iPhone.
How to use it? It is very simple and straightforward. First thing you want to do is create a bunch of categories that you are interested in tracking, like: My Haircut, Lawn fertilization, Vacation 2009 ( records where have you been each day), Business meeting with important clients, etc. Once the category list is created (You can create new categories anytime, and delete them as needed anytime), when a thing in the category happened, you simply tap that category, which take you to a list , then you tap on the plus button on the upright corner, and then press save. It saves the thing that happens and the current time. But if you want to make a note about it, you can type in anything in the note field and then save. You can also come back later and add some to the note where you previously left out. Thats it. It is that simple.
Of course, you have the ability to modify previous records, the notes and the time anything you want. Now you have a list for each category that you can browse. And best of all, you can search on the list by type anything that relates to what you are looking for. And the list instantly becomes shorter and shorter until you see what you are looking for. For details on how easy to use and how effective this tool is, please check out the video below.

Our detailed usage and introduction, please check out the website:
For video, check out the website at:
For international users and non-English users, this application supports any language in the world. To use the language of your choice, please go to settings on iPhone, find settings for Life Tracker and set the settings appropriately and fill out the language translation table as much as possible. You can leave out some if you do not care those showing up in English. Just fill in those you care for. It is that easy and straightforward.

This application also has following advantages:
1. Stable: A complete test has been performed to insure that it will not crash on you.
2. Quick turnaround: it has its 1 input fields in one screen, you do not have to flip to other screen for inputting each field. Not like many other apps that you have to tap each field which will take you to another screen for input this single field and then tap to come back for next field. Date and time field is automatically filled.
3. Data Safe: An effort has been made that all future updates to a newer version will keep your old data, not erase.
4. Quick help reference: You can get help from our support web within the application from any interface.

Please send all problems and suggestions to our support email yali800@yahoo.com
Thanks for your interest in our application.